Matt Palentchar

Attorneys can very rarely claim an interesting career path. However, Matthew Palentchar has that in spades. His journey was not as linear as most other lawyers. He has been practicing law in Florida for more than ten years now and during that period he has become known as a capable and professional attorney. It is essential to find representation you can trust and by all accounts Matthew Palentchar is trusted by his clients.

Palentchar specialized in real estate, which was a conscious, thoughtful, purposeful decision. However, he is a well rounded legal mind who is able to practice in other areas as well, including probate, simple estate planning, small business law, and corporate transactions. Having a well rounded approach means that he is able to help clients who might need more than one type of legal assistance.

Matt Palentchar graduated from Ohio North University’s Law School. However, he immediately made the decision to move to Florida. He took a job with a general practice law firm in Naples, Florida, but quickly tired of the grind of the corporate law firm world. It just did not suit him and he set out to work for himself. Today, he runs Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC in St. Petersburg, Florida, the home of his lovely wife and amazing two kids. It is a community he is proud to be a part of.